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The landscape of branding and marketing is changing.  As of 2015, most people have cut the proverbial cord with cable television in favor of YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and other non-cable services.   Services like Amazon Firestick, Roku, Chromecast by Google and Apple TV make it more likely that your particular audience is not watching conventional television any longer.  Instead, they are streaming videos and casting them to their television sets so they can watch what they want to watch at the time they wish to watch them.

What does this mean to you as a brand advertiser? Simple, it is time to look into video media as a marketing tool.

According to the website ThinkWithGoogle.com, the breakdown reflects the changes in the way your brand will be viewed in the future:

– On mobile alone, YouTube videos reach more 18 to 49 year olds than any broadcast or cable television network.

  Among millennials, YouTube accounts for two thirds of the premium online video content that is viewed among various devices, including tablets, phones and laptops.

  The amount of time that people have spent watching YouTube videos has more than doubled from year to year in the past 5 years.

Now is the time to take a look at how you are choosing to market to your customers.  It is time to expand your content reach and your web content strategy towards a more real time approach. 

For example, in the auto industry alone, it is estimated that the average potential buyer will turn to their online devices anywhere from 500 to 1000 times to gather information before purchasing their vehicle.  This comes in the form of Google searches on a particular make, model and even dealership, watching countless videos on the car or truck they are considering purchasing and viewing hundreds of photos online via Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.  The tipping point for most potential car buyers, however, would come when they have information in the form of video outreach to watch.  The new car customer wants to hear from the dealer directly via video not just about what they have on the lot, but about service, warranties, financing and trade-ins.  When you can reach out to your potential customers in the form of a video that is heavy in information content, they are getting all the details they need contained in one video spot promo.  This means the buyer is walking in, ready to make a deal with the place they have connected with.   As a matter of fact, 69% of people who used YouTube when purchasing a car were influenced by it more heavily than magazines, television or newspaper ads.  And, unlike these periodicals that change week to week, videos can remain online forever.  It is an investment worth making.  Some of the most creative forms of video branding and marketing are viral videos.  These viral videos have launched many a brand into the stratosphere.  If your video catches on and becomes popular with the masses, the sky’s the limit! 


No matter what industry you are in, make sure your brand is getting seen and heard in these key purchasing power moments with video content.  It is time to take your business to the next level and into the future. With our expertise in video creation, production and marketing, Jet Media will get your brand noticed and out there faster than conventional and traditional marketing.