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When you think of automotive advertising, what are the first words that come to mind?

Fast? Sporty? Tough? Masculine?

Ah! There, you see. That was your first mistake.

When it comes to automotive advertising, and car buying most dealers forget to advertise and market their cars-and dealership-to women! Yes, it’s true. Women account for up to 65% of all new car purchases in the U.S. (that’s huge)!

Wait, aren’t men supposed to know all about horsepower, torque and stuff? Well, yes. Some men do have their finger on the pulse when it comes to automotive features, extras, engine stats and the like. But women are most often the “brains-of-the-outfit” when it comes to financing, or outright purchasing a vehicle. Leaving this decision to a man while he’s lost in fuel injection and steel chassis is like leaving a mouse in-charge of the cheese!

That’s where a woman comes in.

A woman is not fazed by all the bells and whistles. While her husband is busy floating around the showroom, she’s spending her time negotiating price and waiting for her chance to make the deal.

A recent study revealed that women are more informed and sensible than men when buying a car. Women do more research and are more practical when making a new vehicle purchase. They aren’t afraid to ask questions or ask for the deal. They are also more likely to walk away when they don’t get what they want.

So, exactly how does an auto dealer target these women and what messages should they be sending in their advertising?


Women love to know that the car they’re buying is safe. They want to be assured that when they are hauling the kids to practice or driving them to college, that their vehicle will be reliable and safe! So why not start here by announcing the safety features of the vehicles in your inventory knowing that this is a woman’s number one priority.


Naturally this feature goes hand in hand with safety. When loading the car, or minivan with gear for the beach or a road trip, women love to know they will be able to “over-pack” and that their new vehicle will have the space to hold it all!

Comfort and Convenience

Keeping a woman comfortable and with all the amenities she wants, will make her a more confident car buyer. So if you’ve got a vehicle that has comfortable seats, an iPod dock and roomy cup holders, flaunt those attributes in your ads.


Don’t believe what you hear, women love speed! They’re not all soccer mom’s ya know! Most women love the feeling of knowing they’ll be able (in certain situations), to pass another vehicle on the road, or merge onto a crowded highway. Women want to know they’ll be able to accelerate at-will, and be capable of managing their vehicle effectively in any situation.

Wrap it up, I’ll take it!

So if you’ve got vehicle on your showroom floor, or on the lot that has a few-or all of these characteristics-why not promote those in your next ad campaign and target the women in your audience. You’ve got nothing to lose but those few extra cars in your inventory.