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Our clients frequently come to us and ask, “When is the best time to advertise?” That’s like asking, “When is the best time to take a breath!” If you run a business, from a small retail shop to a huge auto dealership, choosing the right time to advertise is simple.

First, let’s look at the basics.

It’s the Holiday Season

It seems every month of the year contains a holiday worth celebrating. Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, Labor Day, any day can become a sale day if you are in the retail business. If you’ve got a product to sell, just tell your advertising guru what your offer is, and they, more than likely, will be able to wrap-it-up in some sort of event, sale or blow-out extravaganza that will surely move merchandise that’ll make your register ring!

Spring has sprung!

Ahhhh, spring. The birds are chirping, the days are longer, the flowers are blooming and folks are just dying to get outside! This is a wonderful time to take advantage of advertising the best seasonal vehicles your dealership has to offer. Got a convertible you’ve been sitting-on all winter? Get it shined up and ready for action! How about a 4 wheel all-terrain beach vehicle? Why not load it up with some beach balls, lawn chairs and a cooler–snap a photo of it for your next ad campaign–and you’re good to go! Show your audience a little of what they can do with the vehicles you want to move, slap a low price on there, and move that baby off the lot!

What’s your Vote?

Election Day arrives every November. But, every four years is the most eventful Election Day America has to offer…it’s the Presidential Election. This star-spangled-holiday really tends to grab most of your customers attention. It also puts a bit of a stranglehold on a big segment of the buying public. Sure, you can choose to advertise during this time by creating an auto advertising campaign like, “Show your Presidential Spirit Sale,” or “The Red, White and Blue Event” where you highlight special pricing on every red, white and blue vehicle on your lot. (Yes, you can steal that idea if you want). Having said all that, the presidential election tends to be one of those times when auto advertising kind of gets lost in all the hoopla of campaign ads that dominate Print and TV ad space. So, if you were looking to take a breather, this may be the time for you. But, as always, you should take the advice of your ad agency. They have the experience and the know-how to navigate these tough times.

Full Speed Ahead

The long and short of it is… there is never a wrong time to advertise. Any day can be a sale day if you’re creative enough or have the right agency to help you craft campaigns that will propel you to success! Never feel that advertising is something you can’t afford, or you are not prepared to do. Marketing is the most important part of any business plan. Advertising your product to the public is just as important as hanging-out your open sign or, taking a breath.