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New vehicles and the toys inside!

With each passing year technology improves and seems to creep into more and more areas of our lives. From phone controlled thermostats to Smart TV’s, hi-tech gadgets and gizmos are everywhere! And not to be left behind, auto makers have gotten in on the game. The New Year will bring more and more technological breakthroughs for you and your car! Below is a quick list of tech extras to keep a look out for in 2015 and beyond.

Wi-Fi Hot Spots

For the sales professional, or soccer mom, who is always searching for a Wi-Fi connection your troubles are over! Although some vehicle manufacturers already offer internet connectivity, (i.e., Audi, BMW and Mercedes) more and more manufacturers will be adding this dynamic feature to their vehicles in the years ahead. Kids will love being able to stream content on-the-go, which keeps them happy and will make for a more peaceful ride for you. Sales professionals who must stay “constantly connected” will find this feature outstanding! General Motors has made a huge commitment by including 4G LTE internet connectivity in almost all their new vehicles-with offers that include free (but limited) data and service plans. Let the games begin… literally!

Park it Yourself

We’ve all heard that Google has been hard at work creating the driverless car. And although this technology is a bit further off in our future, some auto manufactures have decided to take a “one-step-at-a-time” approach. Introducing the Self-Parking automobile! BMW, Audi and Volvo all have their own versions of this feature already on the road.  Some are debuting systems that completely take over the functions and steering of the vehicle, while some, even perform with the driver outside of the automobile. These devices, (using on-board cameras and pinpoint lighting sensors) can navigate themselves directly to a parking spot and slide in with ease. As previously mentioned, we are not truly ready for the driverless auto, but if auto manufacturers want to take-on this parking thing, we say…have at it! The only question? How will kids ever learn to park on their own?

Less Cruise, More Control

As if cruise control wasn’t easy enough, auto manufacturers have now found a way to make it even better! Cruise Control, as we know it today, can only keep your vehicle at a steady pace, save for the occasional resume and accelerate features embedded neatly into your steering column. But how about this…what if your car, while in cruise control mode, could sense that you are traveling too close to the vehicle in front of you? Or, when traffic hits, be able to decelerate, accelerate or even stop–and start–at will? You have now entered the world of Adaptive Cruise Control (or Eyesight, as it’s been dubbed by some). By mounting cameras, lasers and sensors in key areas on the vehicle, Adaptive Cruise Control can detect changing traffic flows, weather conditions, even speed limits. Manufactures rolling out this feature include; Honda, Ford, Mazda, Toyota and Chrysler with more to follow.

They’ve only Just Begun

Auto makers certaily have their work cut out for them in the coming years as they continue to create cars that excite drivers while combining function and features. To be sure, manufacturers are always looking to keep the “fun” aspect to driving intact–they definitely do not want to give up on the actual “driving” part just yet. The big buzzword you’ll hear all year is “Infotainment”, and that’s exactly the direction auto makers are headed