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Snapchat Customized Geofilters:  Your Brand Needs One.  Jet Media Can Help.

Even if you aren’t sure what they are for, you have heard the word “hashtag”.  Even if you aren’t sure when the appropriate time is to use an emoji, surely you have heard the term.

The newest, best and greatest trend in social media and business marketing: The Snapchat Geofilter.

So, what is a Snapchat Geofilter?

They are sort of like Instagram filters that allow you to place special effects directly onto your “selfies” or photos.  However, you are not changing a background from color to sepia.  Instead, you are changing the face of the person in the selfie.  Think of it as the ability to animate your photos and videos on Snapchats app.  If you have seen those profile pics on Facebook of your friends turning into zombies or kittens or robots, you have already seen a Snapchat photo.  To be clear, these are not emojis.  These are actual branding tools called “geofilters”.  For example, the Walking Dead, a highly rated television show, has sponsored photos that will turn your face into a zombie.  These “snaps” get re-shared widely and often.  

Why do you need to know this?

This past August, Snapchat was named the third most frequently used app, with Facebook and Instagram, respectively, taking the top slots.   Snapchat has never permitted “branding” on their geofilter application in the past as it was strictly for fun, not advertising.  Apparently, the people at Snapchat have reconsidered that option and are now offering custom filters to brands.  The new Snapchat option, launched early last week, opens its geofilters feature to the public by allowing people and businesses design their own geofilters for specific physical spaces during set periods of time (think weddings, bar mitzvahs, graduations, parties).

“Geofilters have always had huge value, but with on-demand geofilters, Snapchat has lowered the point of entry for everyone,” said Nick Cicero, founder and CEO of Delmondo.

This now means you can make a Snapchat Geofilter that features a logo or “snap” with your company’s brand or better still, hashtag that will take flight quickly and trend rapidly on social media.  This is a way for people to incorporate fun into their mundane tasks and for you to get some serious advertising in the process.  For example, say someone is at a car dealership getting service done or even waiting for you to write up their finance paperwork while getting a new car.  Your customer can be on Snapchat, using your dealerships customized Snapchat geofilter to show themselves as a mechanic in the service bay area, or standing on the top of your dealerships roof.  If you own a restaurant, customers can use these fun filters to show themselves in clown makeup as they eat a Rooty Tooty Fresh and…well, you get the point.  Each of these photos could contain your company’s personal hashtag or brand logo.  As these get “shared” on Facebook, followed on Instagram or re-tweeted on Twitter, your logo is front and center.  This is exceptional advertising without feeling like advertising and that is the key to going “viral”.   And as Justin Bieber will attest to, one piece of viral content can change your life (and your business!)

Don’t know anything about designing these Snapchat geofilters?

No worries.  Jet Media does and we are on the cutting edge of this trend by working with you to incorporate your logo or widely used hashtag into a geofilter that is fun and fresh. We will work with you on a concept that is new, entertaining and exciting.  Since this is a fairly new opportunity for businesses, there is still time to get in on this custom trend while it is still at a relatively reasonable price point.  It is expected to cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in the very near future to create and own your company’s personalized geofilter.  Call Jet Media Corp to get in on the ground floor of this thrilling new chapter of social media and digital marketing trend.