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Balancing customer engagement and the cost of advertising is your key to increasing your marketing return on investment. Take the digital-first approach to marketing your dealership.

Sounds simple, right? It is. And it starts with a digital-first strategy. This variation on multi-channel marketing uses digital media channels (such as email or social media) to initiate engagement with customers. Once you’ve established a relationship with customers with a cost-effective approach, you can then follow up with higher-investment media channels like print mail to capture customer sales and service business.

How does a digital-first strategy increase ROI?

Customers who engage with dealers are twice as likely to service and five times more likely to purchase from that dealer. So establishing and maintaining a high level of engagement with your customers is vital—and it can be done on a budget through a digital-first approach. Start by consistently contacting customers with relevant content via digital to keep your dealership top-of-mind. Then, track and target your high-intent customers with timely follow-up.

Rather than using email as the sole solution for their marketing, dealers should include multiple channels in their marketing mix to boost engagement and ROI beyond the additional costs. Pairing email campaigns with a corresponding print piece is a great first approach, as it’s been proven to drive high engagement.

How can I implement a digital-first strategy at my dealership?

First, choose a vendor that gives you multi-channel marketing options. Jet Media offers dealers not only traditional marketing, but search, email, social, and more to minimize costs.

After you’ve found the right marketing solution, start sending your customers emails to boost dealership awareness and target those who opened those emails with engaging content via your social media channels. And for an even more effective approach, continue to send email communications along with other marketing communications to ensure your dealership is always chosen when customers need service or a new vehicle.

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