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In the age of the internet, the car sales game has changed.

Your customers now have the ability to shop from home, to compare prices for on vehicles before even walking into your showroom.  This has the potential to keep customers from going outside their local area in favor of shopping for a car closer to home.  However, a new technology is now giving you the ability to give your potential customers the incentive to take the trip outside their local area and into your dealership.

This new technology is called “Geofencing” and it is the newest and best way to get customers off the internet and into your dealership.

So, how does it work?  Let’s start with information about the average car shopper.

The average customer will, before even walking into a showroom, check the internet for a last minute better deal before making the trek into a dealership.  To make matters worse, up to 67% of car shoppers will actually look for better deals on their phone while sitting in the showroom to see if there is a better deal in the area, even after your competition has spent countless hours pitching them. Consumers are doing this in YOUR dealership as well. The bottom line is, despite how much the potential customer may like the salesperson or the vehicle, car shoppers are still only interested in one thing:  the best deal possible.

Say you could have your website actually show them the best possible deal, a deal that is specifically tailored to their wants and desires, while the customer is sitting in a competing dealership across town, doing some last minute cross shopping on their phone. Despite the fact that they have spent long hours with your competitor and armed with the knowledge that most consumers will do some last minute cross shopping, if you had the technology to undercut the competition as the consumer is sitting in another showroom, wouldn’t you want to put that technology to work for you?

Jet Media Corp now offers the Geofencing technology, and can tweak your website so it will automatically adapt to an individual users’ shopping behavior, interests, and current location. Your customers will never have to take the time to put in information like what they are looking for and where they are located because the Geofencing technology will already know that and will automatically make a customized sales pitch to your customer via your website. This information will be tailored specifically for that individual buyer.  Geofencing will allow you the ability to customize your dealership’s home page as they sit in a competing showroom, cross shopping, without having to do a thing!  This will make a customer more likely to drive across town to your dealership, despite having sat through a long sales pitch at your competitors’ showroom.

Having a customers’ information in advance can inform them of what you have to offer that makes you better than the competition whether it is a better price, incredible service or even information about what sets you apart from the competition.  This gives you a leg up on the competitor and will drive more traffic into your dealership.

Geofencing also makes shopping for an automobile more appealing to your customer as well.  Think about all the possibilities!  You can customize the technology to thank a veteran for their service, offer a potential customer a gas gift card for taking a test drive at your dealership, target consumers who would be interested in family friendly vehicles as opposed to sports cars and so much more!  This gives the customer a more personalized experience and makes them more likely to drive a little further to come to your dealership as opposed to their local dealership. With automotive sales being more competitive than ever before, it pays to have an advantage over your competition and Geofencing makes it possible.

Interested in incorporating Geofencing into your website and increase the likelihood of people buying from your dealership as opposed to the competition?  Jet Media Corp can help you to increase your sales and overall visibility in the market by setting up your website with this latest and greatest technology!  In the age of internet shopping, staying ahead of the competition is necessary and will make you stand out

For more information on Geofencing and all your branding and marketing needs, reach out to Jet Media and let us put our 20+ years’ of experience to work for you.

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