1. Transparency
2. Brand Awareness
3. Consistency
4. Own Your Territory & Beyond
5. Relative & Engaging Creative Campaigns
6. Target Specific. True ROI

The automotive advertising and marketing arena has undergone some wild and unexpected changes in the past 10 years.

Buzz words you’ll often hear in 2015 include; branding, awareness, brand-awareness, impressions, digital marketing, blogging, vlogging, SEO, SEM and so on. Advertising and marketing professors in some colleges have even had to re-write their entire curriculum’s based on this “new” form of media advertising.

There aren’t many automotive advertising agencies these days that are as well versed as Jet Media in the proper use of traditional advertising–mixed with a healthy dose–of new media marketing to round out your campaigns. Advertising methods that work on radio, TV and newsprint do not always translate successfully to the new media landscape.

Take this idea for a test drive…let’s imagine you’re looking to decompress from your hectic day, what do you do? You grab your smart phone, head over to your Facebook page and scroll away! As you study your news feed, what if you became flooded with messages like; “Buy this!” “Save on That.” You’d head for the hills right?

Now, let’s imagine you see a post with this title; “The top 5 ways to get better gas mileage!” Or, “An experts guide to meeting your ‘soul-mate’ in a Chevy Silverado.” You’d stick around to find out more wouldn’t you!?

This is what we call…the Darth Vader approach.

What do you think happens in a customer’s brain when you post content that informs, inspires and excites? Well, we’ll tell you. You gradually start to gain their trust! These (“brand advocates” as they are known in today’s new media handbook), start to rely on you–not only as an auto dealer—but as an information (or “content”) provider! “Use the Force Luke.”

Now, ask yourself this question. After a month or so of potential customers seeing and reading all the valuable content you’ve dished out, who do you think they’re going to trust when they are ready to purchase their next vehicle? That’s right…YOU! You are now “top of mind.” They can’t help themselves but to drive right to your door!

Folks who shout messages on social media like… ”Last Minute Clearance Sale” or, “Buy now” are missing the point. That approach may work well for traditional media placement, but the “new” media crowd is much too savvy to fall for that. You must first tempt your “followers” with valuable information-then move in for the kill!

The advertising teams at Jet Media are pros in both traditional and new media marketing for your auto dealership. Jet Media knows how to implement just the right mix of new and old media that will convert potential customers into life-long brand advocates for your business! Give Jet Media a call today or visit the about us page here to learn more.