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Automotive Social Aptitude

Car buyers are demanding a more connective experience. Dealer-to-consumer relationships have shifted. Automotive dealers are presented with an unprecedented opportunity. Social media now allows you to reach your customers like never before. This specific concept is becoming known automotive social aptitude.

Social Media Hits the Automotive Industry

Facebook has provided the industry limited success in the industry, and small businesses have yet to maximize. Your business instincts, however, should not be intimidated by recent concerns surrounding the social media giant. As ubiquitous as Facebook may be, they are far from the only player in the field. Facebook’s founder said as much recently before congress. They still wield massive power in the car industry.

Never before have they had access to such a massive, willing, and connected focus group by way of Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and many more. The flow of feedback has never been so abundant, and this is giving advertisers a whole new toolkit to attract attention to their product. Internet has proven is that people are champing at the bit to tell you what they think. Many auto dealers are catching on to what a powerful resource this is. Consumers expect is more substance and less gimmicks.

The New Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is an essential in the business world. Consumers spread the word, both when they are pleased and when they are not. New layers of information for research and development interject for growth. Utilizing this information for your marketing strategy immediately impacts your business. Funds previously spent on focus groups can be reduced and reimagined. With ready-made framework at our disposal, informed business decisions become critical.

User-end experience is constantly evolving, few commerce elements remain of priority. The automotive industry has a stellar track record of growing with technology to meet needs of changing demographic. Henry Ford and Elon Musk are just two revolutionaries you can trace back to. All signs show that automotive dealers who aren’t getting ahead social media are being left behind.

Potential customers are in the market for a new ride? Next time, remember the power of social media.

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